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A young, bright County Supervisor with many good ideas had a theme in his election campaign: “It is Time For Change.”  His slogan was placed on signs and posters throughout his district.  Early polls put him in last place.  After much brainstorming, they changed their theme to: “It is Time For Stability.”  Nothing else changed about the campaign.  Almost immediately the candidate went to number one in the polls!  Political cartoonist, Morrie Brickman said, “We’re all in favor of progress, provided we can have it without change.”

It’s easy to get stuck in ruts, routines, rituals and comfort zones.  We may say that we want things to change for the better, but subconsciously resist change.  We want to stay with the familiar.  Growth, however, requires change. 

The word “heaven” comes from a Greek root that means “expanding.”  We are here to expand, unfold our potential as spiritual beings.  If we resist change and frustrate our natural desire to grow, then we will cause ourselves much distress and unhappiness.  Unhappiness is the result of trying to “unhappen things,” as the late Eric Butterworth put it. 

The key to our growth lies in our attitudes.  Instead of resisting, we can welcome change as an opportunity to allow God’s plan of good to unfold in our lives.  God is in everything, and therefore, we can trust that as we follow Spirit’s guidance, everything is working together for good…no matter how it may seem at the time.  This doesn’t mean that we are to be passive.  It does mean trusting that as we work, God is also working in us and in the changing situation.

Instead of fearing or resisting change, we can embrace the activity of God working through us, bringing forth the perfect outcome for everyone involved. Know for yourself “I do not resist change, but trust the activity of God’s Perfect Order and know that everything is working together for good.” Expect the best, knowing and trusting that God is in charge and all is well.

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