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ports professionals have a special advantage, popularly called ‘Being In The Flow’. Merging mind, body and spirit through the game is what its all about. The Enlightened Golfer 7-hour 6-CD Set gives you proven and practical mental strategies and techniques for lowering your scores and dramatically increasing your enjoyment of golf!

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CD 1: Emotional Mastery on the Golf Course

Do you believe that your emotions impact your performance on the golf course? Sport psychologists know that positive emotions lead to optimum performance. In this CD, Justin guides you in how to review your psychological state to maximize performance.

CD 2: Advanced Emotional Mastery Techniques

Justin guides you in learning remarkable techniques practices by the greatest golfers of all time for taking your game to an exciting, improved level.

CD 3: Programming Yourself for Success

The Stanford Brain Research Institute says we only use a portion of our brain’s potential. In this session, Justin instructs you to release more of your tremendous potential by drawing on the proven power of your subconscious mind.

CD 4: Playing Relaxed Golf

Are you aware of just how important your state of mind is prior to a golf shot? In this informative session, Justin shows you how to maintain a calm but powerful state of mind so you can hit your best shots when they count the most.

CD 5: Taking Your Game from the Range to the Course

How many times have you hit the ball well on the range only to wonder where your swing went on the first tee? In this instructive lesson, Justin explains proven methods and strategies for transferring your best shots from the range to the golf course.

CD 6: Guided Meditation and Visualization

In this session, Justin guides you through a simple but powerful technique for quieting your mind for accessing incredible states of inner calmness and confidence. You will effortlessly program your mind for your greatest golf game ever.



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